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hi and hi

Halo The Fall of Reach

2011-05-22 19:42:43 by miles27409

Dr.Halsey and Captain Keyes are taking a look at their subject number 117 , John. Then Dr. Halsey played a coin game that was really a training exersice in the military. Also, military ninjas kidnapped John and other children in the night for the spartan project. The children meet their trainer Seinor Petty Officer Franklin A. The kids play a game called Ring the Bell that is really a training exersice. Then John meet two kind named Sam and Kelly. Is suppose to be faster then everyone, and Sam is stronger then anyone theres also John who is like Kelly and Sam. John leaves them in his dust and they all go on without eating at night. Then John, Sam and Kelly are willing to become best friends then they start to work as a team.

Years go by and everybody is about 14 years old and the next part of spartan project is underway. John go's to the gym wacks his speed bag and notices it moves slower then normal. He also drops a weight pan notices it moves slower falling down too. A elite group called ODST's start messing with him then they get in the ring and a total epic action happens. After these events John, Sam and Kelly got put in a hole for a training exersice called Capture The Flag then a epic ninja action happens. Then John gets sent on a mission with his joice of spartans, Sam, Kelly, Linda and Fred but it isn't explained what his strangeth was. Their sent to capture a guy Robert Wats back at Arodones Two well is John's Home world. Then John got shot but they do get their guy.